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An infant’s skull fracture at a Missouri daycare center prompts Button, the law firm, to join the legal team


Texas Daycare injury attorneys team up with Finney Injury Law to hold neglected daycare center liable for child’s brain injury

street. Peters, Mo., August 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Day care injury attorneys in Boot Law Firm They are partnered with Finney Injury Law St. Louis, Missouri, to bring justice to a family whose 4-month-old son suffered a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage while being cared for by Kids Kingdom, a faith-based daycare center through Encounter Church. The suit alleges that Kids Kingdom workers did not properly secure the infant after placing it in a bouncy chair. The seat overturned and the child hit his head on a hard floor when workers left him and other children unattended.

Case filed before the Circuit Court Saint Charles County on July 26thKids Kingdom and its workers claim they immediately tried to cover up the traces of their wrongdoing by getting rid of the bouncy chair, which had tipped over and injured the infant.

“We knew Button Law Firm was the right partner for this case thanks to its proven track record against neglected day care centres,” says the lawyer. Chris Feeney Vinny’s injury law. “When an innocent child is seriously injured, we don’t hesitate to take that extra step of putting together a team that can deliver results and help the family get justice.”

Russell Patton And Ashley Washington Well versed in this area of ​​law. As lawyers in TexasBased at The Button Law Firm, they dedicate their practice to fighting for young victims and holding neglected day care centers accountable when the children under their watch are injured, abused and neglected.

“As a corporate force, our companies are committed to pursuing all avenues to hold Kids Kingdom accountable for its disregard of safety laws and attempted cover-up in the aftermath of the incident,” says Patton.

The case is Skyler Gagleas the next girlfriend and mother of PJ, an underage child, opposite Eagle Point Community Church, d/b/a Encounter Church, d/b/a Kids Kingdom Christian Center, Case No. 2311-CC00774, Circuit Court Saint Charles County.

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Boot Law Firm ( is a TexasA personal injury law firm that defends children and their families in litigation to make communities safer. The company focuses on child day care and injury related cases such as abuse and neglect, bottle burns, traumatic brain injuries, and catastrophic injuries. with lawyers in dallas, HoustonAnd MidlandButton Law Firm helps families move forward across the Lone Star State.

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