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15 trivial tales about “Tom and Jerry”


during the sixties, Tom & Jerry had become Highest-grossing animated short film series decade, surpassing even the legendary Warner Bros. animated films Featuring Bugs and the gang. Since their debut, the best friend duo who also wants to kill each other has appeared in comic books, video games, comics, musical series, and Japanese comics, and they’re not done yet. The wild pair have inspired famous offshoots such as Show itching and scratching And Happy tree friendsand they have won more than six Oscars for trying to decapitate and blow up each other.

Keep reading about the process of making cartoons – and the inevitable censorship – that was, is and always will be wildly funny…

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It was the first collaboration between William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

The two animators – who will eventually continue the beginning of the legendary story Hanna-Barbera Animation Studio When Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer They closed their in-house animation store 1957 – They were working together at MGM when they realized they had some good ideas together. Their cat-and-mouse cartoon was about first attempt In collaboration, they toiled “long hours into the night” to create their first short film – The Forties Puss gets the shoe which featured a cat named Jasper, an unnamed mouse (reportedly called “Jinx” by the animators behind the scenes) and the controversial character of Mammy Two Shoes. The short would be nominated for an Academy Award, but Hanna and Barbera were not credited for their work.

The first innovation

To provide Puss gets the shoe For the heads of the studio, Hanna and Barbera prepared a demo for their movie by Using less than 2,000 drawings of key scenes, which was not performed at the time but became common practice thereafter. They placed these sketches on exposure paper to show the motion frame by frame so the camera could “photograph it lengthwise”. The result was a film the length of a standard short but with fewer graphics used to obtain said length.

Hanna provided the sound effects

Hannah himself gave screaming Tom and Jerry his little doses. Bank employee-turned-desk barista-turned-cartoon-master-turned-said Draw so fast that two people were required to hold his drawings to the wall while he took them out.

The 2021 live-action hybrid film used puppeteers instead of tennis balls

“Actors want to be able to act against something, and one thing we found in preparing for the film was to have puppeteers.” Tom & Jerry Director Tim Story to explain. “Jerry was a little bit more difficult. Sometimes, we’d have a little character of Jerry on set, so you could see how small he was. But with Tom, there was a grayscale, a gray version of Tom. Because Tom didn’t talk, he made it It’s so easy for them to literally act out what Tom was doing with the actors that the actors might actually do their first two or three takes with the puppeteer.

Animation damage extended to the office

Irvin Spence, who was one of the animators who joined Tom & Jerry The MGM team once told of several fun shenanigans their team would pull at the office. “Joe Barbera liked to play gags on me.” He remembered. “I had a desk next to the wall, and Joe and Bill’s office on the other side. One day Joe dug a hole in the wall, where my head would be on the other side. He ran a soda straw through the hole, and when he knew I was sitting on my desk, he filled his mouth with water and sprayed it through.” The hole is on my head.

But Spence didn’t just take it. “I got my revenge. Joe had a desk where he would stand to do his sketches.” Tom & Jerry. I prepared one of the large film boxes with water and placed it on the shelf above his desk. Then I attached a string to a stick at the bottom of the case and attached the string to an electric fan. When he got back to his desk and turned on his light, the fan started running and snapped the string, disturbing the case. Joe heard the noise of the winding string, and stepped back, and the water splattered on his desk.”

Revival of “Tom and Jerry”

MGM stopped making Tom and Jerry shorts in 1957, only to revive the money-making cartoon in the 1960’s. getting help from external sources Production for Rembrandt Films. The next 13 episodes are all directed by Gene Deitch in Prague. Deitch once wrote that MGM had made The “big booboo” when they kicked Hanna and Barbera out and closed the store and that he didn’t care at first about the cat-and-mouse animation. “Personally, as a UPA guy, I have always been a martyr Tom & Jerry Cartoons are the quintessential bad example of senseless violence. he wrote. “Humour built on pain, attack, and revenge — not to mention the tasteless use of a stereotypical housemaid of a headless black woman.”

However, Deitch said he appreciated the “perfect craftsmanship, expressive animation, with its superb timing, endless creativity, and the characters’ incredible survival from harm” in the Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

Czech animators from Rembrandt’s films are given English names in the credits (because communism)

Deitch revealed that MGM was worried About the “Czechoslovak-Communist Relationship”. We managed to use the classics MGM Visiting Lion logo to our chair T & Gs, but the originals always had “Made in Hollywood, USA” in the final titles. We obviously couldn’t put “Made in Communist Czechoslovakia” on our headlines! We were not even allowed to attribute any Czechs to their real names.” And he continued to set the record straight, providing the real names of his team:

  • Victor Little was actually Vaclav Liddell (composer)
  • was s. Newman is actually Zdenka Najmanova (production director)
  • M. Clicker was actually Milan Clicker (his main animator)
  • in. March was actually Vera Marisova (animator)
  • a. Borich was actually Antonin Borys (the animator)
  • Dennis Smith was actually Zdenek Smetana (animator)

Moreover, Rembrandt’s films have not changed much

Whereas MGM spent $40,000 on the short while Hanna and Barbera were making about six films a year before they were let go, Deitch said Rembrandt Films was expected to make 12 shorts a year “on a studio budget of only $10,000 a piece.” the one!”

Enter Chuck Jones

After being fired by Warner Bros. Chuck Jones, started his own animation studio, Sib Tower 12 Productions, and started producing Tom & Jerry shorts for MGM in 1963. Over the next four years, Jones would contribute to 34 additional shorts. Tom & Jerry set, but the acclaimed animator — who focused more on character and style than gags and plotting — struggled to adapt to the trademark sequence after violent sequence. However, he manages to build on his Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner style and produce the classic chases people have come to expect from Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. Besides, MGM gave Jones What he’s always wanted: Creative control and more money than he got at Warner Bros.

Many cartoons have been edited over the years

since Tom & Jerry first television appearance in 1965, many episodes opinion problematic parts Either edited or dubbed. When Hanna-Barbera managed to produce her own episodes Tom and Jerry show And in 1975, they had to cut back on the violence to abide by the rules for children’s television at the time. Instead of Tom and Jerry shooting each other in a who-can-hurt-who manner, they become friends who embark on adventures together instead of constantly impaling or hitting each other with giant hammers.

In 2006, British media regulator Ofcom I decided to censor texas tom And tennis chumps Because a viewer complained that it depicted cartoon animals smoking.

In 2013, two short films were deleted From the Warner Bros. Gold Collection. It contains blackface versions of both Tom and Jerry.

In 2017, Amazon began issuing a racial disclaimer to accompany its live streaming of the series Tom & Jerry series. Evacuation responsibilaty Be warned Tom & Jerry It contains “some of the racial and ethnic prejudices that were common in American society.” She also stated that characters such as Mammy Two Shoes “were wrong then and are wrong today”.

“Mami’s white shoes”

Mammy Two Shoes was and remains controversial for its portrayal of a black maid in Tom and Jerry’s home, and in the 1960s, Chuck Jones and crew were tasked with editing old cartoons and either directing them out or replacing them with what was there. It is called “Mamy’s White Shoes”. Below, you can see the original cut of Saturday evening shit Versus the remastered version that was shown on TV in the 1960s and 1970s.

How ‘Tom and Jerry’ Inspired ‘One Piece’

Manga author Eichiro Oda explained during an interview that Luffy’s Gear 5 has arrived one piece Inspired by the slapstick animated series. “As for the concept, think of it as if I suddenly drew Tom & Jerry“,” Oda said. “When I tried to draw it, it was really difficult. A scientist Tom & Jerry Works because of two of them. I suffered because of the difference in attitudes when I considered that Luffy is the only one who pulls pranks in battle and his opponent is not. But this time I feel like I managed to draw it.”

Tom and Jerry is getting a Southeast Asian remake

The New Southeast Asia Tom & Jerry The series is being developed in collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation in Asia and is set to be released overseas by the end of the year (and globally shortly after). “This series brings back the iconic music and classic animation style from the Hanna-Barbera era of the 1950s – but with a modern Singaporean twist,” Christopher Ho of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Discovery to explain. “With distinctive landmarks, backdrops and atmospheres, this Asian city is the perfect location to create a humorous addition to the city. Tom & Jerry canon. By working with local creative talent in Singapore and across Asia, the venture is growing the much-loved franchise in the region and beyond.


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