How to Land a UX Design Internship

landing a UX design internship in 2021
landing a UX design internship in 2021

We often come across those that the theoretical knowledge that the educational institution gives us does little to help with the requirements of practical experience while looking for a job. That is why an internship is so important for every professional to gain some experience and expand their skills. In this article, we’ll show you how to land a UX Design Internship.

Getting a UX Design Internship

Before starting a landing a UX design internship in 2021, you need to decide on some questions.

  1. Are you looking for a paid or unpaid opportunity?

We hasten to rejoice that most of the internships these days are paid. Since 2017, more and more companies have changed their views on this issue and introduced payment for interns. But if it’s unprincipled for you, you can find an unpaid internship, because now your priority is to gain experience and not earn money.

  1. What company do you want to work for?

Today, both small and large companies will gladly accept trainees into their team and offer them beneficial cooperation. There are three main categories:

  • Design Studios -They focus on design and work within strict budgets and timelines while managing critical design processes
  • Product companies – such companies create digital or physical products, work in production, and have a staff
  • Service companies- these programs provide customers with software, all work focuses more on the desires of customers than users
  1. What area of design would you like to do an internship in?

UX design covers a wide spectrum of employment that is constantly evolving, so you need to decide exactly what area you want to work in and build on that experience based on your choice.

How to develop a work strategy

Getting into a UX internship isn’t just enough to sit around and wait for an invitation or encouragement from teachers and friends. There are several places where you can look for this opportunity:

  • Job Fair and Community Meetings are a place where representatives of different companies come together to recruit students. At a job fair, connecting with a UX hiring manager is as easy as shelling pears so you can start negotiating an internship
  • LinkedIn and message boards are a popular place to find jobs and internships. Some design companies also post internship news on their Twitter account and other social media
  • Other places to look for internships are sites like Muse, Glassdoor, and AngelList. In order not to miss a single opportunity, it is best to track ads across different sites
  • Company Websites – If you know exactly where you want to do an internship, then it is better to start tracing the official websites of the companies. It is worth remembering that some companies offer seasonal internship programs, including famous names such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft.