How to find a game design internship

where to look for game design internships
where to look for game design internships

The question of where and how to start an internship worries many, because this is an important stage in the transition from training to real work. This can be a real problem, as the competition for one internship place can be significant. In this article, we’ll show you how to successfully find a place for a game design internship.

What are game design internships?

Game design internships are a great tool for your career as well as gaining invaluable experience and expanding your skillset. The internship will facilitate your further job search.

In general, the internship period lasts about 3 months during the summer vacation, but some may last for about a year.

It is also important to remember that some internships can be paid (but still very low), and some not, it all depends on the conditions. Carefully read all the terms of cooperation, what you will do will depend on them.

Most interns will first learn the necessary information about the company, projects, and technologies that the company uses before starting to work on aspects of the project for release.

The amount of work you do will depend on the size of the company and your skill level, but rest assured that you will be included in the end credits after the game ends.

How an internship can help your career

Depending on the direction that you have chosen, the skills you have acquired will depend, namely:

  • Art skills
  • Programming
  • General design principles

All this knowledge will become especially invaluable when you try to find a real job. The sphere of the gaming industry is becoming more competitive every day so that even the slightest aspect in which you surpass someone else can become decisive.

We recommend doing an internship in the same field in which you want to work in the future because this way you will have a better chance of getting this position.

An internship in game design is a real must for anyone looking to take the lead in this ever-competitive field of employment.

How to get an internship

The question of where to look for game design internships is the most important in this story. You can refer to your college’s links or refer to the dedicated site Contact the managers of the company, determine the department in which you will work, and provide written recommendations from your educational institution, if necessary.

Research before applying for an internship, study information about the company, ask friends who may have experience in this company or have heard something about it. Thus, you show that you are not indifferent to the place where you are going to work.

Some organizations also ask for special testing to determine your suitability, so we suggest you brush up on your knowledge a little.