Best product design jobs for 2021

TOP 5 product design jobs
TOP 5 product design jobs

The product designer’s responsibilities are to be responsible for the user experience of the product and play an important role in the information architecture and system design of the product. But the main aspects in which a product designer needs to be present are in the initial stages of product creation. At this time, the designer can transform the purpose of the product into a functional user interface to effectively achieve the goals. In this article, we will discuss the most in-demand professions for a product designer.

CAD Specialist

This profession is better known as a draftsman. Specialists work with CAD software to create blueprints to create products and parts in mechanical engineering, construction, or other large-scale manufacturing. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Create quality drawings based on plans provided by architects and make corrections as needed
  • Cooperate with architects, designers, and engineers for a clearer understanding of their design demands and give them technical advice
  • Make quality drawings following health and safety standards and more

Clothing/textile technologist

A clothing/textile technologist is also in the TOP 5 product design jobs and works with different types of fabric, leather fur, and other elements that make up a garment.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Procurement of fabric and textiles, quality control testing
  • Designing man-made fibers
  • Spinning of fibers or knitting, weaving
  • Creating nonwoven products
  • Determination of current trends and innovations related to fabric production
  • Quality control in strength, dyeing, durability, etc.
  • Checking the quality of finished products

Technologists who are directly involved in product development can also:

  • Search for ways to make fabric stronger by using chemical elements
  • Experiment with textiles
  • Develop new yarn methods

Color Technologist

A color technologist develops new techniques for applying color and then performing it.

Depending on the work you find will also depend on the material you work with.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Definition of color following customer requests
  • Control of mass production process
  • Creation of new pigments and dyes
  • Experimentation with dyes with new technologies
  • Control of color quality and reliability, colorfastness, and much more

Exhibition Design

If you choose this line of work you will work on large commercial and other types of trade exhibitions. 

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the exhibit
  • Practicality
  • The ability to convey the main message of the event to visitors
  • Compliance with the budget framework

Furniture Designer

A furniture designer can either deal only with the design aspect of furniture development or become a real craftsman with his ideas and sketches.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Study, research, and plan for different styles of furniture design
  • Find ways to improve furniture already made
  • Be aware of new design tendencies and styles
  • Select appropriate materials, which may include wood, metal, plastic, and textiles
  • Assess issues such as pricing and installation costs, fashions, purchasing, safety, materials, and production methods and techniques, and more